SHAREit for windows- Easy way to transfer files

Hey, want to share your works from the PC to your mobile phone or tablet? Ok, then now no need to consume more times by dealing wired connection. Now you can use the SHAREit application for the process. Actually, this is very attractive tool. Once you used it never leave the app. That much attractive and speed the tool for you. And it is cross-platform supported. Therefore you can use the tool within your Windows or iOS running smart Phone, Windows PC or Windows Smartphone. And can connect with the every platform. So, today let we know how SHAREit for PC work.

Shareit for PC

Concerning SHAREit for PC

In the past, most of the users are worried to find a fine method for transferring their important file within each other. Yes, Can you immediately share your school home works from your PC to the Laptop or Tablet? There are several possible methods available. But some of those need to deal with a wired connection, and other required internet connection. But if you use the SHAREit for PC version on your Pc and the SHAREit Apk on your mobile then within a second you can transfer the files. It is easier and speed than the all other parallel methods.

As I noted above this cross-platform support tool is officially released for iOS running devices, android devices, windows OS, Windows Phones, and mac. And for download the SHAREit app for this any platform you no need to pay. It is totally free to download. But remember you can’t use the one application within every platform. There are different SHAREit applications and versions available for those platforms. In here we are mainly concern about SHAREit for the PC version. For that, you need to use SHAREit v4.0 and later versions.

Device compatibility

Want you to use the SHAREit for PC application to use within your Windows PC or Laptops. OK, if you have the newest device, then you are eligible to use the tool. Prompt that you want to realize that to use SHAREit for PC application you want to have the Wi-Fi connection. And to download and install the application you want to have an internet connection. Also, your PC or laptop want to have Windows version 8 or above. At the same time, your PC RAM wants at least 512 MB and it is better to have 50-100MB free space.

How to use

Once you download the SHAREit for PC applications its function is very easy. The tool is based on the Wi-Fi direct technology. Yes, no need to worry about the secure of your files. You may think that through the Wi-Fi direction anyone can use the files. No, it is not possible. Without your access, no one can use the application. After transfer files, you can use the original format of the files. Within the transferring, no data loss process is occur. Well, I think it is better to provide an easy video guide for you to know about the working procedure.

Developer of the application

Have you heard about the Lenovo products? Yes, they are the developer for PCs, smartphones, and other gadgets. Also, Lenovo is the developer for the SHAREit app. They have officially, released the tool to the public, because of that you no need to worry about its security content. The app is 100% safe and genuine, so need to worry to use the application within your windows PC. Its performance is easy to use very smooth so, easy to understand and used the tool.

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