SHAREit for Mac to Share Your Files

SHAREit is the new trend in sharing your files. It comes as a cross-platform service for near-field communication which supports all Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. In fact, it only takes minutes to share gigabytes of data, files, images anything from PC to PC, PC to the device or the other way too. So why take any delay, enjoy having SHAREit on your device with right click on file download. If you are with a Mac, this is spoken to you but not restricted from others as well. In fact, I here bring you some interesting facts about SHAREit for Mac together with more facts that will love to hear in the side of this amazing free utility. So read on.

SHAREit for Mac

As the name itself suggests, it is built in the purpose of sharing. In fact, it supports Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac devices in sharing images, files, music or any through a specific medium or related channel. And as it is for all devices as the most trendy sharing tool, every user can give it a try easily. It is completely free and connects with the devices through the same medium. In fact, SHAREit download builds a wireless connection through WiFi making you easy to find your friend in SHAREit use and transfer your files free. It automatically set to find each other easily but only when in the right range. And most notably it has better speed and communication than Bluetooth. So share what you love whenever wherever you feel of sharing a smile. And it does not make you worried of other platforms than what you use, as it comes with support for all.

SHAREit for Mac- PC Download

SHAREit supports PC and mobile download. But as getting benefits of having this app on the PC, I will show you how to make it possible on Mac.

Required Mac OS X and above versions with 512MB RAM/100MB disk space available

  • Modernized version as 0.9.0 updated on November 2016
  • Size around 4.9 MB

Advantages of having SHAREit on PC

  • Access to bigger/more file transferring
  • More space to store
  • Effective battery help
  • Better display than on mobile devices

SHAREit for Mac

How to Download SHAREit for Mac?

As SHAREit is available for different platforms, you have to follow respected download links. To get Mac download link of SHAREit head the official Mac App Store in the iTunes expansion.

  • Launch Mac App Store from the Mac OS device (Make sure you have Apple ID to get the services turn possible for you)
  • Head SHAREit from the search tab
  • Get the recent upgraded version, for better results, check the ratings too
  • Click on the most helpful suggestion and go on with “Get”
  • Wait and let iTunes complete the installation on Mac
  • If done, check the app drawer and reach SHAREit app

It comes with no extra configurations. So you can easily start up sharing your files with all you love free with this amazing cross-platform utility.

Video Guide

Out of all similar apps for sharing your files, SHAREit wins a lot of love. With its simple work frame, united interface, direct technology, and all features make a safe file transferring with SHAREit giving you no space for different turns. So give it a free try giving sincere thanks to the official app developer team Lenovo.

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